How to Improve Google Search Ranking for Local Businesses

How to Improve Google Search Ranking for Local Businesses

In our modern internet marketing information age, a first-page Google search ranking is vital for the survival of your business. Let’s take a look at the correlation with these statistics to put things into perspective:

  • More than 90% of consumers use Google to find products and services; that means that out of all the people in your target local market, more than nine out of ten are using Google to find a business like yours. If your company’s not there, you’re missing out on 90% of your potential business.
  • More than two-thirds of all organic search traffic goes to top-three search results; that means that for every search on Google, nearly 70% of users will pick a result from the first three. So again – if you’re not there, that’s 70% of potential customers that will go to your competition.
  • 75% of those who search for a local service using their smartphone. They will end up visiting a business or store within 24 hours; that business, of course, is going to be one that they’ve seen on Google.

Is it going to be yours, or your competition?

Because if it’s your competition, you might as well say goodbye to three out of four potential customers.

The Single Best Approach To Google Search Visibility In 2020

You can forget anything else you’re about to read, but remember this: SEO techniques in 2020 are much more than just keyword optimization, and if you do it the smart way, you can get first-page results within days.

That’s faster than your competition has ever dreamed of and much faster than the industry average – but you can only achieve these types of results using one single very powerful but little-known strategy.

Anything else won’t get your business noticed nearly as quickly – in fact, all other strategies pale in comparison to this one.

You’ve probably heard it time and again that getting Google rankings takes months – that’s not necessarily untrue since that’s the average with the most affordable SEO services for local companies. But you don’t have to go for the average that’s not what we do.

How Do We Maximise Google Search Ranking?

Our approach to search engine marketing is so effective it will get your business on the first page for many keywords within less than a week from the start of the campaign. In fact, we’ve often had clients rank within less than 48 hours after using this method.

The concept is very straightforward: we create a news story based around your business, promoting your services, new product launch, charitable events, or anything else you want to promote, really. Understanding the importance of business growth, we make sure each news piece accurately reflects your brand image and responds to the needs of your potential customers.

We then leverage our extensive network of media partners delivering you massive media coverage. Previously available only to large corporations. The result? Massive high-authority media coverage and a nearly instantaneous first-page Google presence.


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This Is The Best Approach – Better Than Anything Your Competition Does

Picture this: you and your business are featured in positive news stories on more than 500 media websites. Including many (ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX subsidiaries) that appear in the search engine results pages (SERPs) for a range of local keywords. This works internationally as well for maximum exposure.

While your competition is struggling with and uselessly outspending you on less than impressive website cookie-cutter SEO “strategies” and run-of-the-mill social media marketing solutions, your business keeps showing up in quality news stories, month after month, until there’s no doubt that your company is one of the leaders in the industry.

Say you’re three months into your campaign and your competition three months into theirs. By this time, you’ve already appeared in three separate news stories. Each promoting one or more of your services and products, and each published on household media networks – in total, more than two thousand high-authority media webpages are now running your story, and your company is showing up in the Google search rankings for a range of local keywords.

Local Citations & Business Directories

Another positive you can be sure of; this will work as a citations building service. (NAP) name, address, phone number. Your company info is consistently spread across the internet search engines on name-brand websites. You may also find most small local businesses are competing with all the other small companies & larger ones too, in their local business directory submission service.

So, you’re doing great in terms of coverage and website popularity, but surely your competition must do better, since they’re spending way more on their eye-catching SEO campaign, right?

Actually, not really. Their local SEO services campaigns, even if flawlessly implemented, will still take months to actually show some results, and their blog posts are probably hardly ever read by any of their potential customers.

Oh, and their social media pages? They’ve probably got a Facebook following of about four, including their partners and marketers.

In fact, by the second month, if you’ve used your news stories to your full advantage, you’ve probably already made a couple of sales based largely on the emerging new brand image you’ve been making for yourself, while your competition is still pumping thousands into useless strategies.

In other words, you’re already starting to see a pretty good return on your marketing investment, your competitor is seeing none and probably won’t see any in the near future either.

And it gets better. All those authority news sites will be linking back to your website. Over time Google will see those links and start seeing your site as an authority in the niche… and your Google search ranking will begin to climb.


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Good Business Growth Rate Makes Your Company Different

I guess we can all agree on why growth is important in business and the need to keep developing, especially if at this point your competition outperforms you on the top search engines. Using our advanced web ranking approach, you can beat them in the rankings game faster than you thought possible.

That’s because this media-based approach is different than anything currently available on the market.

You see, the main difference between this approach and that of our competitors is that we’re more focused on actually promoting your business and less on harping on about how amazing our service is.

That, of course, is mostly because the results speak for themselves – we get clients featured in the mainstream media, and the news stories are there for anyone to read.

But it’s also because we built our business model on efficiency from day one: we give you our 100% to help you reach more customers as quickly as possible and boost your credibility and industry authority.

What Does This Mean?

This means you get everything that we have to offer right from the start, so you can see the actual results that you know are coming from your marketing spending.

So when we run your first media campaign, you can expect to see your story published within less than 48 hours – which is also when your company will start showing up on Google’s first page for your target keywords. And there won’t be any doubt as to how you got there.

You’re basically seeing more results after less than two days of using our services than you get after two months of standard local business SEO services.

And since your name is now in the mainstream media, you can start showcasing this achievement on your website or social media page. You can create a news section with news specifically about your company, and you can direct your prospective customers to the news article to consolidate your industry authority.

Reach Your Marketing Goals In 48 Hours

That’s right depending on the competitiveness of your niche and the locality it’s possible. Moreover, if you want ongoing results like this, we’ll be thrilled to help you.

As most of our clients choose to partner with us indefinitely – that’s because they get the same consistent results, month after month until their businesses are well established as the go-to company in their area; until their brands are closely associated with the high professionalism and authority conferred by massive media coverage.

If, however, at any time, for whatever reason, they feel they don’t want to use our services any more, they’ll still have reaped huge benefits from having worked with us, and their marketing ROI will have far exceeded the industry average.

So, it’s really up to you – do you still want to pump money into cookie-cutter digital marketing strategies that never really seem to result in anything other than polished “progress reports”? Or would you rather invest in something that produces real, quantifiable results from the get-go, without the ho-hum marketing-talk that you’re probably sick of by now?


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How About Our Unique Google Search Ranking Visibility Service For Free?

If you think our proposition sounds interesting, then we’re willing to give you a taste of our service for free. That’s right – you get all the benefits of our service completely free of charge, and without any obligation on your part.

  • We’ll run a media and Google visibility campaign for you to show you just how efficient it can be.
  • Your business will be featured on hundreds of media websites and high-authority news networks,
  • Without you having to spend a single penny on marketing or advertising.
  • We are certain you will be happy with the results.

It’s really as simple as that because we believe that you should be empowered to decide what you ultimately want to achieve with your online marketing – and if for any reason, you feel we’re not the right partner for you, then we totally understand that.

But if you do choose to work with us, you’re in for an experience that will change your perspective on what effective digital marketing should be.

What To Do Next

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